Hello to everyone who would like to help me!

My name is Nikolka and I was born in Zlin, Czech Republic, in maternal hospital 27.8.1998 at 11.25 o’clock in the 38th pregnancy week as the first child of my parents. My weight was 2,95kg and my size was 51cm. But there were complications during the delivery so I came to being through the VEX. I was immediately connected to 100% oxygen and I have fight for surviving about 12 minutes. The time of livening was unfortunately too long so I have to spend 12 days at intensive care unit in incubator in Zlin hospital. I have won this fight. Many thanks to the post neonatal chief physician, which have care about me personally and let my parents to visit me regularly.

When I was three weeks old my parents took me home. After the first medical control by neurologist my diagnosis was right-handed coordination malfunction and I didn’t have to exercise yet but the neurologist changed his mind on our second control so we have started to exercise by Vojta method. I was two months old. I didn’t like it and I cried a lot but it helped me and I was started to shift things from hand to hand and scroll from back to belly.

But when I have been eight months old I was go through the so called 6th disease and my life was turned back to worse. I stopped to shift things from hand to hand. When I was one year old my diagnosis was the child’s cerebral palsy. In my 15 months I was for the first time in spa in Child’s medical institution in Boskovice and since this time we have visit this spa every 6 months.

Since I was 7 years old we have change a spa. Now we visit Child’s medical institution in Luže-Košumberk. It is really hard for me but it helps me a lot. It shifts me always a one step forward. Thanks to this stays in spa I can crawl on all fours (even it is still not perfect) and with the aid my parents even a couple steps. Mentally I am a very curious, I can say several words and I don’t need nappies any more.

Another problem came to my life when the epilepsy appeared in my two and half-year and I was hospitalized several times. Thanks to my doctress in Krč’s hospital my health state had been stabilized and I don’t have seizures any more.

This year I had been undergo a doc. Augustinova therapy in Egypt. This therapy helped me a lot. My involuntarious movements are better now and I am able to keep seatad with crossed legs which is very goog, because I’ve got a problem with my right hip. When my parents help my to hold a baby-coach, I can make a couple of steps. Maybe it seems too little but for me it is an enormous distance. Everything depends on a next therapy by doc. Augustinova. It is necessary to take it repeatedly but unfortunatelly it is very expensive and it is not covered by any health insurace companies. So that’s why I appeal to all good people which can help me, even by very small amount. If you could help me to repeat the therapy (which includes a hipohterapy, dolphinotherapy and swiming) it can change my life. I’d like to run, ride a bike and play with other kid

Thank you.

account number : Fio banka 2000559145/2010